Furnes Jernstøperi AS

| Uthusveien 8, N-2335 Stange, Norway

Tel. +47 62 53 83 00 | E-mail post@furnes-as.no



About the foundry

The foundry is built around the Heinrich Wagner Sinto shelf, in 2012, new moulding and automatic machines with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes were installed. With this modern facility, we manage to cast large series in a short period of time.

In 2013, we opened a new central warehouse of 2,400 m² with 3,100 pallet sites and in the autumn of 2017 a new model workshop is being completed with own milling machines for the production of casting models.

Furnes Jernstøperi AS is ISO certified according to NS-ES ISO 9001: 2008 and NS-ES ISO 14001: 2004.

Since 2017 has Furnes Jernstøperi AS been registered in the Lloyd’s Register.

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  • Material grade within gray and cast iron
  • The production method is machine information
  • Two pcs. 6 ton Inductotherm electric melting furnaces
  • Pasting machine
  • Tote box 1000x1000x300 / 200
  • Maximum weight is 160kg
  • 3 pcs. grinding cells
  • Department of Design and Product Development
  • Own model workshop
  • The products can be delivered completely machined
  • Issues material certificates if desired
  • Short lead times
  • Large storage capacity




In addition to street models, we today mold many different types of industrial products for our customers.
Example: Wheels, castors, gearboxes, engine covers, pump housing, end caps, actuator housing, planet bearers, propeller housing, potting bearings etc …

Absolute quality

The group’s vision is Absolute Quality
The quality concept includes all levels in our businesses. This means that we will have quality sales, production, procurement, product development, the relationship with our business relations and relationships internally between our employees.

We are a complete supplier of machined cast iron and have proud foundry traditions.